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BigPicture Lite

Утилиты Графика и дизайн
Разработчик Badia Software

** For Adobe InDesign CS5, CS5.5 or CS6 ONLY **

BigPicture Lite displays detailed information about each picture used in an Adobe InDesign CS5.x/CS6 document. It also allows you to open pictures with their default application or any application you choose, change the print status of images, reveal images in folder or document, and view full size previews.

BigPicture Lite features:

- Picture list with 14 columns: page, thumbnail, name, size, format, resolution, default application, status, effective resolution, layer, scaling, volume, folder.
- Sidebar panel with picture preview and additional attributes, including camera settings, Finder info, picture dimensions and print status.
- Ability to change the row size of the picture list using a slider.
- Picture full path with convenient pull-down menu, which allows you to reveal any of the intermediate folders in the Finder.
- Ability to reveal any image in the document or enclosing folder.
- Quick Look preview of any image.
- Ability to change the print status of selected images (Print or Suppress Printout).
- Contextual menu which allows to open any image with their default application or any application you choose. BigPicture Lite also keeps track of recent applications.
- Unique auto-update feature: BigPicture Lite automatically updates as you make changes in your document, switch or open documents, or change your InDesign application from CS5 to CS6 or viceversa.

Check out the FULL version of BigPicture for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6, which allows you to:

• Search any mounted disk for missing images and relink them in one step.
• Batch rename pictures and links using custom name templates.
• Rename individual images or images currently selected.
• Swap, move, copy or collect images updating all links accordingly.
• Update individual images or all modified images at once.
• Export entire picture list as PDF, Rich Text Format, or Word documents.
• Display all pictures as list or thumbnail grid with high resolution picture previews.
• Manage an Open With application list to edit images.
• Select images that have same attributes, for example, images with same format, resolution or status.
• Customize the picture list columns choosing from 22 different attributes.
• Display additional TIFF and EPS info, such as picture compression, embedded fonts and custom colors.
• Switch to any open document using a convenient pop-up menu.
• Choose whether to display master page pictures, pictures on pasteboard, or duplicate entries.

- Adobe InDesign CS5, CS5.5 or CS6
- Intel processor
- Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later